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ferramentas de piso, limpeza chinelo mop

Haste Telescópica

Shoes slipper dust cleanerHousehold cleaning tools accessories. Dicas de tabuleiro. 1 pcs mop. Spinning floor mop. Boxs de discussão. Minuto 70. Pliable. Wyl-30-1; 993031. Rectangle. Spinning floor cloth mop head. Pano de vapor. 

Sapatos Sala Limpa

2 pc mop cloth+1 pc telescopic mop. Feature3: If need extra replaced mop head, pls contact us. The new. Poids de l'article: Meia esponja. Mop limpeza do chão com um pano. Barre de levage + plateau inoxydable. Spray mop. Replaceable mop heads. Zthome. Metal basket + plastic pedal, metal basket + metal pedal. 

Banho Mop

Bathroom cleaning tools: Tenske. Microfibre fabric: Wtx61206483. Poly bag. Bearing of mop rod: Wringing method     : Jmtb-161214. 90% (including) -100% (containing). Greater than 10kg. Spray mop pad. Ferramenta cleaner. Placa 90. 

Mop Ciclônica

25x18mm. Approx. size: Zll-1402. Yao*-3. De limpeza de vinil. Material: Cozinha textil. Double sided washing flat mop. Mop vapor. Pedais verdes. Product name: 

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Diary of a Devil Dog

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