2017 Nouveau USB 2.0 4/8/16/32/64 GB Flash Drive Memory Stick Stockage Stylo disque Numérique U Disque Dropship JU26

hdd adaptador leitor, ssd 2 tb

M2 Adapte

Model name: Carto micro sd. Caso computador desktopMicro sd para o slot. Curta cartão sd. Otg micro usb to usb 2.0 micro tf card reader. Leitor de cartão usb 3.1 hub. Cf sdhc. 4 gb microsd. For sdxc. Ngff ssd hard drive. 16gb(c10-uhs-1), 32gb(c10-uhs-1), 64gb(c10-uhs-1). By usb port directly. Micro usb otg tf/sd card reader. 98/98se/me/2000/xp /2003 , linux 2.4.x , mac os 9.x. 1024mb. 32 gb micro sd cartão de memória. Read 80-259mb/s write 15-108mb/s. 25mm(l) *30mm(w)*3.5mm(h). 

Usb Leitor De Cartão De Velocidade

We afford drop shipping. Id leitor de cartão usb. Wholesale tecknet m006. Aluminium storage case. Todos os pc em um. Cartão de tf 32. Wholesale leitor de cartão sd iphone. Cell phones cameras vehicle traveling data recorder and more. Memória flash nand. 1 gb cartão de memória. Support usb 2.0 high speed. 32g speed: Usb3.1 type-c interface is perfectly compatible with usb2.0/1.1.. 

Disco Rígido De 250 Gb Laptop

Windows 8 9 10 sp1. Mb-mc32go mc series evo+. Orico crs12-gr. 128mb/ 256mb/ 512mb/ 2gb/ 4gb / 8gb. Cartões de sd. Pen drive high speed. 3.5 usb tipo c. 8gb 16gb 32gb 64gb memory card. Memory card case holder protector. Id-10. Usb micro multi. Use laptop: Luz mini usb. Microsd de 16 gb. 5-8cm. Caixas de cartão sd. Micro sd card reader. 

256 Gb Msata

Compliant for : Extreme pro sd. Chn-msata01m-060. The transmission speed is fast and the volume is small.. Black. Adaptador de cartão sd usb. Black, blue. Front panel drive bay desktop computer chassis card reader. Msata ssd 64gb 128gb 256gb 512gb. Shipping cost: Sd/sdhc/sdxc memory card. 

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